• Pernille Corydon Silver Chain Round Pendant Eclipse Ladies Gloss 925 silver N653S BFKREBZQM

Pernille Corydon Silver Chain Round Pendant Eclipse Ladies Gloss 925 silver N653S BFKREBZQM

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Delicate silver chain by the Danish designer with a silver highly polished round pendant. The chain is closed with a spring ring. On the back of the Plttchens is the material stamp.Outstanding real jewellery quality-Chain and Pendant are made from 925sterling silver. Tarnish And Fading are if handled carefully, will barely. Clean finished edges and highly polished surfacePernille Corydon only quality materials from gold and silver. Regular tests confirm the material use and free from harmful substances of the designer jewellery. Of course, nickel free.Each piece of jewellery comes in a quality box. The jewellery box-or as much the Abbildung kann in colour and design Varriieren.The chain is adjustable in length between 41-49cm. The discs is approx. 1.3cm.

Over Pernille Corydon
'"Creation is my lot of passion. I constantly new opportunities and shapes. The need to create has always been a part of me. I find inspiration in fashion, architecture, furniture, nature and people. I am very thoughtful inspirational details some of the best anywhere. Pernille Corydon.
Danish Design-Simple and modern
The Danish designer Pernille Corydon creates beautiful jewellery, as it has Scandinavian simplicity combined with geometric shapes from all around the world, found yourself on your travel. There are pieces of jewellery, the individually and stylish, without any frills. Clean and feminine and will delight you from subtle and simple beauty, Pernilles creations Women of all ages All Over The World.
For use when travelling, as a largest inspiration
Inspiration for the collections in silver gold and rose gold plated is Pernille Corydon, among other things when travelling. The coin collection is of the aquarium from the rough charme Berlin and this available in the following Brushed surfaces again. These include adorable pieces of jewellery such as the neck chains coin & Drop/The Bangles Mini Coin, the stud earring open coin and the earrings small double coin. The design is an example museums Rdams can be found in the brick collection with the main focus on the slim bangle Alliance and the rigors of the typical fire the stairs then new york city's into the stick collection with e.g. exceptional sticks cuff bracelet. Especially hold dear Pernille Corydon drop collection, a her first styles, with this charming earrings Double Drop. A more elegant and delicate collection is open coin with neck chains, bracelets and earrings with a delicate ring charms.

Pernille Corydon Silver Chain Round Pendant Eclipse Ladies Gloss 925 silver N653S BFKREBZQM

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