• Necklace with silver and Zirconia Esetzten Spheres CRIZHAUSN

Necklace with silver and Zirconia Esetzten Spheres CRIZHAUSN

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Elegant and strikingGenuine 925sterling silverApprox. 72cm longHandmade

'I Don't Have This chain already for two My Friends,, both male comes the conversation starting with "on Don't. The necklace is a striking that fit's not to me. But ladies, just like I have it my friends said, what suits you and what doesn't, or if you have any other questions you may then say it, if you are brave enough, it once. And Schwups, low was the right outfit hardly find passte your necklace better than another and wirkte suddenly no more eye-catching, but just right. I think, the same could also in front of the mirror you happen:)
This silver chain is a silver-plated interaction between balls and Zirkoniabesetzten balls, which thanks to its variety of sizes and effects a playful yet elegant, this necklace. This ensures the silver in both the clasp is as well as in the silver balls in natural genuine 925sterling silver, making it completely Nickel free.
The clasp of the necklace has a ring clasp-Simple, everyone knows him and everyone can use it. And for emergency you have the matching image frame, an pleasant men's close to you to ask for help;)
In autumn and winter time This is the ideal chain ideal for, since it is equipped with large a chain length of about 72cm it fits over any top and is a wonderful ensemble even on colder days (which doesn't mean that this chain you refuse to be outside in the summer rays, of course.).
Show a little courage for beauty and treat yourself to a little piece of jewellery design, with which you do not forget to positive Auffalllen.

Necklace with silver and Zirconia Esetzten Spheres CRIZHAUSN

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