• Bloc Shark Ski Snowboard Goggle White ODTFVVUXH

Bloc Shark Ski Snowboard Goggle White ODTFVVUXH

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All Bloc lenses absorb 100% of UVA, UVB and UVC rays, whilst core materials are soft, provide a perfect fit and are non-irritant.The Bloc 'Shark' goggle come with double anti-fog lenses that prevent fogging of the lens under extreme conditions, and the vented 'Air System' is a must for those demanding the ultimate in performance.Double lens goggles are flexible for greater comfort and fit, adjusting to any face shape.A thermal air cushion along with the anti fog coating reinforces the anti-fog effect on the lens.*READ ON BELOW FOR THE FULL DESCRITPION*

These Bloc Shark Ski Goggles have been engineered to suit the smaller face but still perform exceptionally well. A tri layer fleece foam cushion supports and insulates your face, ensuring that you receive a comfortable fit throughout the day.The Shark?¢a'?a"¢s lenses provide 100% UV protection and they are made from durable, high impact material which protects you during activities. Rigorous testing has been done to ensure that these ski goggles exceed European Standard BS EN 1836:200.FeaturesSupportive and tough ski goggles from BlocTri layer fleece foam cushioning?¢a'?a€œ provides a supportive and insulated fit.100% UV protection?¢a'?a€œ stay safe on the slopes.Lenses are made from tough, high impact material?¢a'?a€œ remain protected during activities.Rigorous testing shows they exceed European Standard BS EN 1836:200

Bloc Shark Ski Snowboard Goggle White ODTFVVUXH

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