• Blackfit8 Watermelon Official School Backpack AWATMRPSI

Blackfit8 Watermelon Official School Backpack AWATMRPSI

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* Official Blackfit8 "Watermelon" Brand.
* Designed in Spain
* Perfect for all types of climates.
* Easy to wash. Wash with cold water. Do not iron.
* High-quality zippers, smooth to open and close. With a twin handle which is designed to facilitate a secure grip in order to maximize comfort and safety Zips are solid and resistant.
* Backpack made of high quality polyester, soft to the touch and very light. With excellent sewing technology.
*Multipurpose backpack, which is the perfect companion for your sports activities but also in everyday life.
* Specially designed to meet all requirements of the day at school.
* Front pocket with easy access via zip, spacious and practical to pack all your things and accessories.
* Ergonomic shoulder straps and back - padded, reinforced and adjustable. Comfort and optimal protection.
* Multiple pockets to organise your things. The backpack offers several compartments for organized and practical storage.
* Adaptable to trolley Safta.

Since 1908, Safta offers high quality procuts thanks to the advanced technology and research of our professionals. Knowing the latest trends allows us to add new models and materials to the collections, which allows us to adapt ourselves at all times to the needs of the consumers.

All about Safta:
Safta S.A. is a Spanish company that focuses on quality in all manufacturing processes and materials with the aim to achieve excellence in all our products. We are ISO 9001 certified, which accredits us as a company of quality within the European framework, and certifies us as a company that respects the environment
Safta has a range of brand licenses that allow us to create a variety of products with the best design and quality. Our mission is to satisfy the final customer. For this, we work every day to update and improve our products.

Blackfit8 Watermelon Official School Backpack AWATMRPSI

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