• Arctic Hunter Laptop Backpack B00183 JTQSQMXPF

Arctic Hunter Laptop Backpack B00183 JTQSQMXPF

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Anti theft and waterproof: TSA lock not only maintains the beauty of the backpack but ensures the security of your items, customs officers can open and re-lock your backpack without damaging it (the original password is 0-0-0, you can set your own password). The surface of the backpack is made of quality waterproof fabrics, the zipper is waterproof too, you don't need to worry about the items may get wet in rainy daysUSB charging port: The USB charging port is placed in the left of the backpack so that you can hold the phone with your left hand (the backpack is equipped with a cable which can connect the USB port and your power bank). Night reflective strips: reflective strips in the front and shoulder straps make you safer on road at nightAdequate space, stylish appearance: this is a practical and fashionable laptop backpack, beside to put a 13-15.6-inch computer, it can also accommodate ipad, cell phones, wallets, pens, documents, clothes, etc, the compartments for computer and ipad are padded and with band to protect your electronics. The backpack maintains a semi-rigid and non-limp form when it is emptyEquipped with an electronic organizer and 2 side pockets: the organizer can place small things such as earphones, cabels, watches, cell phones, chargers, etc, With it, you can quickly organize and find items you need. The side-bag can be used to place your bottle, umbrella, etc, you can fold it when you do not need it. The key ring on another side pocket helps you to find keys faster and prevents the keys from losing

Arctic Hunter Laptop Backpack B00183 JTQSQMXPF

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