• ALPINA Scarabeo S QH Ski Goggles Unisex A7260 UDHCQKWWF

ALPINA Scarabeo S QH Ski Goggles Unisex A7260 UDHCQKWWF

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Increased contrast and minimizes glare glare with a high-quality polarising filterHigh comfort without pressure points thanks to a flexible frames with flexible nose constructionSki Goggles can be worn durch notch in the glasses frame that holds the normal viewing aidField of View from more than 180degrees through an extra large panorama paneFog-free vision with an intelligent ventilation system in glasses frame

Large field of view, with a pleasant wearing feeling, modern design and a outstanding value for money, these are the key features which characterize the ski goggles Alpina Scarabeo S QH is off. Thanks to the large cylindrical disc has put it all in your field of view. Equipped is the Alpina goggles with the top lens technology: Quattroflex. This contrasts are reinforced and disruptive reflections filtered out. With the Orange HICON pane you are best equipped for diffuse lighting conditions. The Fogstop Coating on the inside prevent steaming up the record. Additionally, the double lens is unbreakable and guaranteed to be 100% UV protection. Designed for comfort providing the flexible comfort frame and the single layer Schaumauflage. Most suitable is the goggle for narrow faces. Plus point for people who wear glasses: Scarabeo S QH can with a regular DUAL PURPOSE be worn.

ALPINA Scarabeo S QH Ski Goggles Unisex A7260 UDHCQKWWF

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