• ALPINA Bonfire 2 0 Ski Goggles QV DBVMSNBZK

ALPINA Bonfire 2 0 Ski Goggles QV DBVMSNBZK

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Fog Lens stop: prevents Beschlen from the insideVarioflex: automatically adjusts to the tint an lighting conditionsOver the glasses: Ski Goggles, the generous interior normal Sehhilfen of which can be GetrenHinge Band: The Band for the perfect fit attached to flexible and hook on the outside of the frame.Skid Grip:, keeps the ski goggles on the helmet from sliding; 180+ View: Panoramic view of more than 180°

Ski Goggles Alpina Bonfire 2.0?QV
The Bonfire 2.0?highlights is a wonderful
The narrow shape with a perfectly ventilated lenses ensure a comfortable frame and hinge band to make sure that the Bonfire 2.0?in combination with the Unverrutschbaren seat from the crowd with a new classic.
Lens Colour: rubyred
Protection level: S1?S2
Panel Technology: Quattro Varioflex
Frame Decoration painted, metal logo
Features: brillentr?gertauglich, helmet, head band hooks au?enliegend, made in Germany, padding sandwich Formgepr?gt, skid grip
Target group: Size M30, Adults
Colorfacefoam: Black
Quattro Flex: CPL Circular Polarizing Filter for superior contrast enhanced
Quattroflex discs are polarising plates, that is, you will filter the light and make only glow of direct light sources penetrate. As a result, eliminating disruptive reflections and glare, and not the eye. The contrast is strengthened and gives the wearer a authentic and clear viewing experience. Even in the snow and on the slopes this function is easier to see of enormous importance, since even in diffuse light clear contours and ice cream.
100% protection from UV A, B and C protection up to 400?nm
Anti Static Fogstop Coating on the inside
Shatterproof Polycarbonate Lens
Hard Ichtet
Their soft waterproof disc?-?Automatic adjustment of toning to the lighting conditions
The toning of the Varioflex Lens automatically adjusts to the lighting. The windscreen to react to visible light just like the wrung a window blind. The bright environment, the more the built-in molecules tilt to the side and is solid on the other and the disc.

ALPINA Bonfire 2 0 Ski Goggles QV DBVMSNBZK

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